We welcome all to join us in worshiping the Lor
and in sharing the good news of Christ. 
Come as you are.
We are located at 2733 Lake Tahoe Blvd in South Lake Tahoe.
Please see the "Contact Info & Map" page for more information. 

Sunday Morning Schedule


Sunday September 14th we will have ONE worship service at 10:00 that Sunday ONLY.

Following worship we will have a great potluck and church picnic.

                             8:30 Children's Sunday School & Worship*                                                                    

                              9:45 Adult Sunday School:                                                                                                                                             Beginning August 17, we will be taking a summer break.                                                                                       Check the Bible study page for details of two new studies in                                                                                      September.

                              11:00 Worship* 

*Care for children ages "new born" to 3 years
is provided
in the nursery during both worship services.

This Sunday's Sermon-August 31 

Greetings LTCPC family,
Well the "unofficial" end of Summer comes up this weekend, yes Labor Day weekend is here.  I always felt the end of summer was when I went back to school, and when I went to high school in Texas I remember going back in the middle of August, but at any rate, Summer is coming to an end pretty soon.  Even when we change seasons or life changes, do we change our hearts for ministry?  Does our behavior towards others change?  Do we stop following Jesus when because life changes around us?
In Sunday's message Jesus tells us to carry our own cross and what does that mean.  Does that mean we need to be in pain as we follow Jesus?  Does this mean we give up all that is good to follow Him?  Does it mean when we become a follower that our road in life will be smooth sailing?  I think we all know that when we become a Christian our roads are still bumpy, but we are not alone on the road.  When we take up our crosses in life, Jesus helps us carry them along the way, but we are called to go forward in doing His will in the world.  This Sunday let's remember that that we are called to follow Jesus in all that we do and know that we don't bear the cross alone.