In Old Testament times elders governed the people, so the New Testament church provided persons with particular gifts to share in discernment of God's Spirit and governance of God's people. Accordingly, congregations should elect persons of wisdom and maturity of faith who have demonstrated skills in leadership and who are compassionate in spirit. 

Ruling elders, together with teaching elders, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and responsibility for the life of our congregation as well as the entire church.  When elected by our congregation, they will serve faithfully as members of session.

Elders for 2022

Lynn B
Wendy D
Mike E
Joanne F
John Ha
LeAnne K
Ken M
Nancie N
Jean Rey
Neil T

Spiritual Formation (Joanne F): Leads the charge on Adult Bible Study, Small groups and Conferences.
Fellowship Committee (Adrian R): A newly Formed Committee in hopes of having more Church Fellowship.
Clerk of Session: John H
Jean R:
      • Outreach Committee: Arranges ways our church can assist in the needs of our community.
      • Mission Committee: Directs the support of our church to organizations/ individuals in our Nation and abroad
Christian Nurture Committee (Lynn B): Oversees the youth Sunday school and other youth Christian education programs.
Building and Grounds Committee (Neil T): Arranges the use of the church, maintains the church building and gives guidance for the renovation.
Personnel Committee (LeAnne K): Oversees paid staff, yearly reviews, conflicts and job descriptions
Ken M:
      • Finance Committee:
 Manages the churches accounts, schedules audit, handles investments
      • Visioning Committee: Gathers future ideas for the church while calculating the feasibility.
Worship Committee (Nancie N): Plans for the personnel, content and accoutrements for the worship services.
Nominating Committee (Wendy D & Ken M): Seeks out eligible nominees for our future Deacon, and Elder positions.
Stewardship Committee (Mike E): Helps with the fostering of giving in our church.



Sunday Morning Schedule

8:45  Adult Sunday School - Currently on Summer Break
10:00 Children's Sunday School
10:00 Worship Service

Care for children ages "newborn" to 3 years is provided in the nursery during the worship service (10:00 - 11:00).

All are invited to "come as you are" and worship.